• Symbols & Meanings

    These are some words I have been given about explaining the Heart Souls Heart Symbols but applies really to all symbols that are re-appearing with us now.

    Symbols and Meanings

    The symbols are words within words as you would know them. Or even worlds within worlds, across time and space, so yes the symbol is hieroglyphical in nature and substance and as you know a symbol portrays more than the sum of the total of that which you see.  For symbols are creative and evolutionary in their magnitude of existence. By this we mean they evolve through use, through contemplation no different from you as humans evolving through your different lifetimes.  There is an essence within any symbol of the meaning but the meaning of the symbol evolves and changes and transcends through time.  As is needed as is desired, as is portrayed by the race that which the symbol is used.  For you know symbols are not just used by humans, they do not originate from humans as humans originate from many species, this you already know, this you have already experienced. As we have said they are not only multi dimensionally but are multi-racial.  From multiple lifetimes, of multiple beings, across worlds, across times.   Symbols that appear opposite at either end of the spectrum in terms of one appearing to mirror the other but as you know this is not so.  For each of these symbols have openings and closings of different aspects for each unique being.  They are here and indeed there, to assist in the process of enlightenment of evolution, within the human body. These symbols and symbols like these are also used on the celestial planes and in the different dimensional layers of existence.  As we have said these are symbols, some of which we have called symbols of the future, and symbols of love and we have brought them to you from different dimensional planes. They are similar but not the same as some symbols that have already been in existence, within the human race within the human psyche. But know this, that even if you find these symbols in the exact portrayal of what we have given, they will be different.  For these symbols are being re born through you, as individuals and at this time and coming from the collective consciousness that we are, and the energy that we know needs to be imbued within them to activate that which needs to be activated at this time in this now.  This is all for now.