• Sound Bath & Meditation Evening – Peterborough


    Finding it difficult to still your mind in these challenging times?

    Want a quick and effortless way to de-stress?

    Want to feel calm, relaxed and uplifted?…… then come and explore the gentle effects of sound on your mind, body and spirit.

    This is the gentle art of using sounds and music to bring the body back into a state of balance.

    The evening will focus on relaxing and uplifting sounds to nourish. Using various techniques, meditations and exercises to open up your heart and soul to the different sounds of the universe.

    Tea, coffee, nibbles, chat and laughter to finish.

    Time: 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.

    Location: Soul Happy
    18 Cowgate
    PE1 1NA

    Places are limited so pre booking advised or if you have any questions please call:

    Tel: 07446 467445
    Email: sonia@heartsoulsheart.com

    Please select a date from below:

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    Bring yourself into a state of peace and joy effortlessly.

    Do all the things you “have to do” everyday just seem to fill your day and you wonder where has the laughter gone, where has the day gone?

    Do you find at times life is a bit of a struggle, to even just put the smile back on your face?

    Do you sometimes ask yourself – I don’t remember signing up for this type of life where stress/busyness is the main part of the day.

    Most of us are all still discovering what makes us smile, what brings us laughter and a sense of inner peace.

    This series of Sound Harmonization Meditations will focus on different sounds and meditations that will bring you into a more relaxed and harmonic state of being.  Using different instruments to facilitate different tones and vibrations for the body, such as Crystal Bowls, a Crystal Harp, and Hapi Drum, you will be immersed in a symphony of soothing and uplifting tones.

    Whatever your level of meditation, this group will provide a safe setting for you to let go and reach a state of total relaxation and healing.  All that is required is you simply sit or lie down and allow…

    Tea, coffee, nibbles, chat and laughter to finish.

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    Sunday 14th Jan, Sunday 11th Feb, Sunday 11th Mar, Sunday 8th Apr, Sunday 13th May, Sunday 10th June, Sunday 8th Jul, Sunday 12th Aug, Sunday 9th Sep, Sunday 14th Oct, Sunday 11th Nov, Sunday 9th Dec

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