• Reiki 2 Healing


    Join us for an informative, interactive, fun and intuitive workshop for a Reiki 2 training and qualification.  Next Reiki 2 course date is

    Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th April




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    Excited to invite you to a 2 day Reiki 2 healing course.

    Second Degree is a more advanced level of Reiki and it will significantly increase the power of your Reiki healing energy through working on a higher vibration. Your intuition will become much stronger and more focused as your third eye opens and all your chakras expand from your enhanced spiritual awareness.

    Join us for an interactive, fun and intuitive learning experience.


    Course content

    • 2nd degree attunement process
    • Reiki symbols and their meanings – how to from them and how they are used
    • Distant, Emotional and Mental Healing
    • 2nd degree Attunement Process
    • Guided meditations & exercises to give you confidence
    • How to use the symbols in your healing practice for a deeper healing experience for you & your clients
    • Creating a healing space
    • Combining crystals into your Reiki healing
    • Advanced healing techniques
    • How to create a Reiki triangle for profound manifesting & deep healing
    • How to give absent or distance healing & how to make it extremely effective
    • Pendulum dowsing
    • How to be able to scan peoples energies to assist in the healing process
    • Practical experience sessions
    • What to consider for setting up your own Reiki practice
    • Standards of Practice, Insurance
    • The Law

    Full and detailed comprehensive manual and insurable certification.

    Once you have been attuned to Reiki 2 you will begin to experience changes on many levels and with these new experiences comes empowerment bringing about a feeling of greater wholeness, balance and harmony.

    You will find that alongside your expanding spiritual awareness, often comes changes in your lifestyle, such as a healthier diet, exercise and a more positive outlook.

    This workshop can be attended once a person has obtained Reiki Level 1


    *discounts if re-taking your Reiki level 2

    Next course date 28th/29th April  – Limited spaces available.

    To book: click on link above.  If you want to have a chat about how Reiki 2 may help you please feel to contact me  sonia@heartsoulsheart.com or  07446 467445


    Konstanze – Germany                                                                                                                           I did Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 with Sonia and I loved it.  Sonia took time for me, so I was really aware of what I was doing and she showed it so well and really supported me.  It really influenced my work as I am a Yoga teacher and Physiotherapist and really helped me feel the energy and helped keep me grounded.   Sonia explained everything really clearly and individually.  I can highly recommend doing Reiki with Sonia because it will really help your personal development but also all aspects of your life.


    Eva – Stavanger, Norway                                                                                                            I found the Reiki 2 with Sonia fun, interesting and learnt how to trust in myself being shown how I can help myself with Reiki

    Lena – Sadnes, Nowway                                                                                                               Doing my Reiki 2 course with Sonia was great.  I loved the long distance healing and felt the way Sonia taught and how she hosted the course was superb.  I loved it.

    Jane – Oslo, Norway                                                                                                                      The whole weekend had a a good flow to it and es s good combination between practical and theory.  The Reiki 2 course was really interesting and I enjoyed the way Sonia as teaching, showing care and friendliness.


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