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    Join us for an informative, interactive, fun and intuitive workshop for a Reiki 1 training and qualification. Next course is:-


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    When I had a life changing accident it was Reiki that gave me my health back and so much more. Then I discovered I could learn to do it for myself too, both to heal and get out of that stressed out mindset to find an inner calm, meditation & Reiki self healing state of calm. Saying goodbye to that old way of being of criticism,  self doubt and judgement is possible. Each time it crops up you can empower yourself & create that inner serenity within. That’s what it does for me & I would love teaching you how to do this too.

    Excited to invite you to a beautiful, 2 day Reiki 1 course with me

    During the course you will prepare yourself through meditation to receive the Reiki Attunements, which permanently open you to the Reiki healing energy. After receiving this beautiful energy you will be able to channel this level of healing for your family, friends and even your pets (I also teach animal healing). You can call on this energy at any time in your life, it will remain with you permanently whether you use it every day or just once a year, this energy will become your life-long friend! The more you use it the stronger it will become and be able to work more intuitively.

    The following will be shared over the 2 day Reiki 1 healing course

    • What is Reiki
    • The History of Reiki
    • Attunement to Reiki 1
    • Reiki Ideals
    • Chakras – an overview
    • Effects of the 21 day purification and cleansing process following the Attunements
    • Auras – an overview
    • Guided meditations
    • What you are able to heal with the Reiki 1 energy
    • Hand positions for a complete Reiki treatment for couch or chair position this includes:
    – Posture
    – Sensing the Reiki flow
    – Length of time for each position
    • Self Healing
    • The practice of Hui-Yin – an exercise to increase Reiki energy
    • First Aid Reiki
    • Reiki for animals, plants etc
    • Demonstration and practice of scanning
    • Giving and receiving Reiki energy

    Includes your Reiki manual & Reiki 1 certificate

    Next Course date 30th June/1st July – Limited spaces available.


    *discounts if re-taking your Reiki level 1

    Just email me sonia@heartsoulsheart.com & I will send you your booking form & how to book in if you’d like to book


    Karen – Peterborough
    If I had to sum up the Reiki Healing level 1 in three words it would be Informative, friendly and creative. The structure was good and I enjoyed the free flow I don’t like to be rigid so this was great. What I enjoyed most about the workshop was Sonia and the one to one connection. I would recommend this course with Sonia because she is a great teacher and was a good chance to re-mind and re-member. I would recommend to friends and family who are interested in healing themselves and others.


    Mel – Peterborough
    The Reiki Healing level 1 was well structured and very informative, excellent teaching by Sonia, very interactive and friendly.

    Sharnjit – Milton
    I am very happy having attended this course, I enjoyed the collective energy, learning what everything was and the pace that went with the flow. I would recommend this course to anyone feeling out of balance in their lives. I found this course with Sonia blissful, centering and enlightening.

    Konstanze – Germany                                                                                                                           I did Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 with Sonia and I loved it.  Sonia took time for me, so I was really aware of what I was doing and she showed it so well and really supported me.  It really influenced my work as I am a Yoga teacher and Physiotherapist and really helped me feel the energy and helped keep me grounded.   Sonia explained everything really clearly and individually.  I can highly recommend doing Reiki with Sonia because it will really help your personal development but also all aspects of your life.



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