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    Join us for a live and interactive event and discover how you can easily let go of the past, get clear on why have been incarnated right now and have the confidence to use your gifts to build a life you love.

    Next event date: Saturday 26th/Sunday 27th May  9:30 am – 5 pm

    Location: Letchworth, Herts

    First 4 people to book will receive their own sacred symbol to accelerate your evolution.

    To book: sonia@heartsoulsheart.com, 07446 467445


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    Are you ready to let go of what is holding you back and step into the bliss that is 5th dimensional living? If so

    Do you want to feel that feeling of being totally connected to the flow or life?

    Feeling empowered to be totally in alignment with your true nature?

    To have the ability and tools so you are creating your ideal life from a place of love?

    Join us for a live and interactive event and discover how you can easily let go of the past, get clear on why have been incarnated right now and have the confidence to use your gifts to build a life you love.

    My name is Sonia Grover and after a series of powerful spiritual awakenings, I dedicated my work to helping other individuals understand their gifts, their feelings and discover true alignment and blissful  living by accessing the 5th dimension.  My work is profound and I have helped many people to access their fullest potential and power.

    I know what it is like to be stuck in 3 dimensional living…

    To hold onto lifetimes of fear, lack and worry.

    To know that life could be so much more but to feel overwhelmed with balancing the worlds and your own healing.

    To feel like you have come so far BUT there are not enough moments that allow you to experience the fullest magnitude of this life.

    That’s why I was guided to design the 5th dimensional live events – an opportunity for you to join me and other truth finders, as we take you on a journey out of fear and into your deepest confidence of who you really are.

    You will leave this transformational healing event with a profound understanding of who you are, why you have been incarnated at this time…you will have an insight into your gifts and unique talents and most of all the fierce confidence to take them out into the world.

    If you are ready, if you know it is time and you want to release old ways of being that have bound you and set yourself free to serve and heal as you were born to do, join us for two days of powerful intuitively guided coaching, sacred geometry, potent healing integrations, kaleidoscopes of sound and the chance to finally connect fully to the real you and find your power.



      ***   Free meditation video APP with 6 powerful Heart Souls Heart Symbols   ***




    ***   First 4 people to book will receive your own sacred symbol to accelerate your evolution   ***


     ***   Free copy of my books – “A Souls Musings”   ***



    Catalina, Royston, UK

    I really enjoyed this course with Sonia and feel it has opened me up to higher levels of knowledge and wisdom.   I felt the structure was spot on but Sonia also used her intuition to go wherever we needed to, for everyone.  I would recommend this experience to all who it resonates with, those who are on the same path as me.  You will raise your vibration, learn and come away feeling totally pleased you came. Awesome, the best, awesome.  Thank you Sonia for planning up there with me, that we would meet here on earth.  I feel very lucky and privileged.


    Alberto, Borehamwood, UK

    I really enjoyed all the guided meditations and sound meditations, the sharing and practicing using and connecting to the symbols (oh and the shared lunch :)).  I found the whole course interesting, powerful, relaxing and enriching.  A course worthy to experience.   I would recommend this to my sister and anyone that wants to discover, feel and understand a lot of new concepts and experiences.  Sonia was very friendly and made everyone feel very comfortable.  Thank you Sonia very much.


    Russell, Silsoe, UK

    Fantastic. If I had to sum up the workshop in no more than three words  it would be “Creative, Insightful, Expansive”.  Its so great geometry is becoming beyond only a few people.  Imagination and intention is linking to spiritual development through symbols.  I would recommend this course to people with an open mind and people wishing to explore and expand their abilities.  Thank you Sonia.

    Nicky, Hitchin, UK

    I really enjoyed the symbol meditations and the explanation of the symbols and how they were channelled.  I would recommend this course to anyone that needs guidance to the next step.

    Jo, Stevenage, UK

    I really enjoyed the symbol meditations, it surprised me in some ways as I am not typically so good at sitting and meditating, lovely group energy.  I did find some aspects of the workshop challenging in a good way, as it was mainly concepts beyond my comfort zone.  Lots for me to “grow into”. I would recommend this course for those who are seeking a multi-sensory spiritual experience  This who are visual abstract thinkers.

    Wendy, Ashwell, UK

    I really enjoyed the symbol meditations and attunements, as I channelled lots of info.  I found the course inspiring, energising and transforming.  I would recommend this course to my friends at my healing circle to help them learn how to connect to their heart to their soul, which encourages them to open their hearts and connect.

    For more information please feel free to contact me –  sonia@heartsoulsheart.com, 07446 467445

    To book click on link above

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    26th/27th May 2018, 4th/5th Aug 2018, 20th/21st Oct 2018