Reiki & Animal Healing

What is Healing?

Natural healing is a non-invasive complementary treatment that assists the body’s own healing processes and patients’ coping strategies. It is a holistic therapy of proven safety which uses a hands-off or light-touch technique. There are many differing types of (hands on or hand off) healing the most common are Reiki, Spiritual Healing and Pranic Healing.
It has been shown to be very beneficial with many ailments, including a number of common chronic diseases as well as terminal illness.
Although natural healing may be perceived as a new treatment because of its rising popularity, it is in fact thousands of years old and has been used in several ancient cultures. Hippocrates recognized healing energies and observed that the heat emanating from hands was beneficial. Natural healing is being increasingly accepted within mainstream health care, and many nurses and doctors have been trained in its practice.

Some Benefits of Healing

  • Healing calms and relaxes
  • Healing focuses and re-energises
  • Healing quietens the mind
  • Healing balances the emotions
  • Healing strengthens the spirit
  • Healing draws out emotional pain
  • Healing reduces swelling
  • Healing reduces physical pain
  • Healing accelerates physical healing
  • Healing reduces blood pressure
  • Healing changes negative behaviour and attracts positivity
  • Healing heightens spiritual awareness
  • Healing awakens and heightens the senses
  • Healing raises self confidence and esteem
  • Healing enhances the effects of other therapies
  • Healing promotes a greater ability to give and receive unconditional love