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Channelling is a term or word used to describe information that a person has received. Some people say they are connecting to a specific person or a group of people who have passed away. However for some people this can be off putting especially if this is not in line with your belief systems.
Many channellings have references to words or phrases that are not so common in our language now and are more reminiscent of old English.

Many great scientists, poets, musicians, and painters all appear to have been inspired in some way. Therefore is it simply easier to read the information that has been given (it does not matter where it has originated) and decide for yourself if this information resonates with you, if it feels right.
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A Soul’s Musings




Thank you to Jane and her wonderful sharing that allowed a group of us to fully understand Compassion and opening your Heart to it.

Your Heart awakens in its own time
Your Eyes smile in their own time
At first you hear your Souls whispers in the night
Speaking as if with no voice, yet clear as a bright blue morning sky
Silently you listen
Silently you feel and hear
As the depth and breadth of who you are starts to slowly permeate your being
The awareness of a deeper knowing filtering the horizons of your human existence
As this connection unfolds
So does the realisation of the meaning of love, of compassion
Foe compassion cannot be known without love
And love cannot be known without compassion

As your Soul awakens, the processes of growth are evident
As the tears of sorrows unfelt, are felt, to be released
The Heart starts to expand and understand the oneness of existence
The frailty of this moment, leaving a vulnerability that can seem overwhelming
Yes somehow comforting in its acknowledgement
So here we site with our nakedness exposed for all to see
And finally we start to understand love and compassion
And finally we allow.

By Sonia J Grover


Sound as you know is a vibration affecting all of your human senses. And of course your
non-human senses. Sound is used, as a tool by us and by you to reconnect, to your true
selves. Like you sound is multi-dimensional, affecting all levels of your existence. For
understand this, we say again you are multi-dimensional, embrace, this conscious aspect of
your being, for it is through multi-dimensional awareness that you can experience the true
meaning of heaven on earth or another word in your language, love, in all its glories.
Sometimes sounds will be obtrusive or discordant to you being, there is always a reason for
this. The reason is for you to discover. For this is part of your path to enlightenment, of
enlightenment. It may mean simply that these sounds do not resonate with you, but we
urge you to explore why this is first for in the exploration will come consciousness. Different
sounds will take you into different aspects, of yourself. The process of enlightenment is to
bring into your everyday consciousness, that higher state of being so it is perpetuated, so it
is maintained.

Whilst you are here with your eyes wide open, conscious, walking the earth. So as you are
affected by these different vibrations in differing ways, when the, what you would term,
higher vibrations, the feelings that come to you, if you had to choose a human word, akin to
bliss. As you go down this path and the more that you absorb these vibrations, the more
your state of being will be in a state of bliss, a state of unconditional love.

At the moment, you are differentiating and noticing when these vibrations of sound in a
safe environment such as this affect you and which ones take you more to that higher
vibrational state of bliss. It does not mean that the other sounds are alien for want of a
better word to your ears, to your being, it is simply showing you the state which is the
preferred state for any being but something that the human being is remembering, or
learning or both, to be. We will endeavour to assist in the process, now, and at any time you
are conscious of the vibrational sound, to, we want to use the word levitate, but not literally
you must understand, to lift you higher to that state of bliss, even when the sound is
discordant but you can assist with this dear ones. When you notice whatever sound it may
be, is not as harmonious as others, wherever, or whenever that may be, remember the
most harmonious sounds where you felt bliss and bring them to you at that moment in time
for as you know not only are you multi-dimensional beings, You are also multi spatial beings.
By this we mean, yes you can be in two places in what you would term at the same time and
this as you know as a concept and may have experienced in reality, to some degree is the
time is not linear, so start to use this consciously where you go back in time, in your words,
to that time when you felt that state of bliss, with a sound that resonated with you. And
bring that into that moment, into that moment of now. Where the sounds may be less
blissful, what this is doing dear ones is assisting you to be in that bliss state, in all of time,
until it becomes a reality for you. This is one of the conscious ways, you can move into the
bliss state into the state of unconditional love and enlightenment, consciously in you human
body as a human being with your eyes wide open. Anistilla, Anestella, Codolli