• Hello Sadness – Are you my Friend?

    As I feel my Soul merging and reconnecting with the being of a Human I am, there are moments of stillness, moments of great joy, and, moments of deep sadness.

    Sadness for feelings of that which was, that which is and that which I know. That which has comforted me and served me so far in this lifetime, sadness of letting go, sadness of grief.

    For even though I know in my Heart and my Soul grief is not necessary, it is still there, still to be honoured. It is simply an emotion like other emotions and it needs time to be released, to be dissolved.

    All of life can be a process, a journey or any other word that comes to mind and in this journey we will encounter many different beings.

    As I sit quietly, sadness comes into the room, and I ask Sadness why have you come?

    Sadness waits, pauses, then says “I have come to serve you”

    And I ask how can Sadness serve me?

    And Sadness says “For in me I hold a key to joy” “I am here so that you may know the passing of the seasons.  So that you may know the feel of the warm rays of the sun.  So that you may know the trueness of your being”

    “I came so you can feel. Like the elements of the earth and the sky, one brings forth another”.

    “The hues of the emotions are like the colours in the rainbow, each complimenting one another and creating the magnificence of creation itself, as can only be seen and felt in true clarity, true radiance and deep love.

    A rainbow would not be a rainbow without all the hues that give it and creates its, wonderment in the sky.

    So when I enter your house, allow me in, open your heart, open your eyes, open your Soul. And in that moment when your tears flow you are allowing, you are in the flow”

    The cycle of the elements is the flow of constant and ever changing creation. The rain and the sun simultaneously create the rainbow.  It needs both in alignment to create this wonder of nature.

    And so the cycle continues…

    The air moves, the temperatures change. These changes create clouds that create rain.  The rain feeds and nourishes and sustains the earth and all living things in and on the earth. The glistening snow that brings you such joy, the seas, the rivers, the mountains, the forests, the valleys, the beaches, the deserts, all form part of a never ending cycle of life and creation in motion”.

    ”So I, as Sadness, ask you Why be afraid, why wish something to not be, when it can not be.

    I am one of many of your emotions and feelings that make up your unique being that is you. I am unable to not exist for I am like the hue of the rainbow, the rain from the sky and the earth beneath your feet”

    “I am here to serve you well, I am here to help with your creation in flow”

    “I am not here for you to dwell in me, I am not here for you to resist and ignore me. For these are the wills of the mind, not the heart.  You are a being of the heart, you are a being of love and to have and be in the creative flow of evolution is a path of open hearted love”.

    “Resistance only brings closed doors and dead ends”

    “So when I, Sadness, come a knocking, open the door, give yourself space, be gentle to yourself and let me in with open arms. In the knowledge that I am with you, to allow you to find yourself more fully”