• Heartfelt Intentions

    Well we all know that intentions can and do work.  But do we remember to “Intend”.  A good friend of mine (you know who you are) recommended I read a book.  (No,  not any old book to prove I can read, a very specific book :))  So last night I get the book out and there was a chapter on Intentions.  I couldn’t put it down.  Now I’ve had this book about 10 years but was never felt drawn to really read it… until last night.  It made me think about setting intentions in the moment.  So deciding at the start of the day, how will my day be.  But more than that, how about from moment to moment.  So when we become aware that we are having an experience we are really enjoying, well heck that’s easy to carry on intending we have that same feeling.  But what about when we become aware the experience is not so pleasant – and this can be anything from shopping (yes believe me it’s not my favourite thing), to somehow getting into or being witness to a disagreement.  Or its just plain raining outside and you were hoping to go out walking… In that moment of awareness, how great if we remember to start to have intention to direct our feelings, or simply to be happy accepting how we feel, and sitting with that.  I firmly believe we can and do shape our reality in every moment of existence.  Its just we are not aware of it and therefore believe we have no “control” or direction over it.  But we do, we can choose how we feel, and intend, it just take practise and awareness.

    Any why your intending, why not make them Heartfelt Intentions – intentions that come from and go to the Heart, with feeling and love.