• Heart Awakening

    As your heart awakens

    Your senses expand to fill the void

    That was never known before your heart had grown

    Your eyes seeing the stillness, the movement

    The dance of life

    Your nose filled with colours and aromas and

    Tastes of the day and night

    The touch of the lily and the mighty oak

    A sense so pure you could almost choke

    The feelings inside imbued from another

    From nature, of love

    So innocent, so knowing

    So connected to all and above

    The trickle of water zinging in your mouth,

    A coolness, a clearness so profound

    You never tasted before

    The vibrations of sound, so near so far

    Alighting your ears to drink from its core

    No visible sound can be heard as the leaves move

    Yet somehow the gentle rustle is nestled in your being

    And so the heart awakens…