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  • Are you finding it difficult to sleep at the moment?

    Posted on January 8, 2017 by in Channelling

    Many people have been saying that lately they are struggling to get to sleep at night.  So here is some guidance I was given when I asked the universe “Why are some people struggling to sleep and what can they do about it”.  

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  • True Beauty

    Posted on December 1, 2016 by in A Soul's Musings

    True Beauty True beauty is when lips meet for the first time True beauty is not caring of the sun doth shine True beauty is when worlds collide True beauty is honesty from the soul True beauty is seeing for eternity and not minding it does not end True beauty is seeing your own reflection […]

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  • Heartfelt Intentions

    Posted on October 24, 2016 by in A Soul's Musings

    Well we all know that intentions can and do work.  But do we remember to “Intend”.  A good friend of mine (you know who you are) recommended I read a book.  (No,  not any old book to prove I can read, a very specific book :))  So last night I get the book out and there was a […]

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  • Hello Sadness – Are you my Friend?

    Posted on October 18, 2016 by in A Soul's Musings

    As I feel my Soul merging and reconnecting with the being of a Human I am, there are moments of stillness, moments of great joy, and, moments of deep sadness. Sadness for feelings of that which was, that which is and that which I know. That which has comforted me and served me so far […]

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  • A Moment in Time

    Posted on September 29, 2016 by in A Soul's Musings

    A moment in time when the sun does not shine A moment in time when the white blanket of snow covers all that may grow A moment in time at the dawn of spring when snowdrops open their hearts and the daffodils sing A moment in time when the wind bites your face A moment […]

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