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    Can the outer really reflect the inner? I believe it does…

    Posted on June 15, 2017 by in A Soul's Musings

     I have a little thing about lime scale on my tap.  Not I need therapy thing (I don’t think..,).  It’s just something, I like to see sparkling taps.  It kinda goes back to when I worked for a few years in the cleaning industry.  I was in sales and account management and a main part […]

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  • Whats in a Dream

    Posted on April 3, 2017 by in A Soul's Musings

    What’s in a dream, no one can know Maybe the chance to experience the chance to grow For in your dreams things can be done and said That could only be in your head For if in reality these things were acted out or came true The gravity and magnitude to behold may be to […]

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  • Judgement Day

    Posted on February 28, 2017 by in A Soul's Musings

    When judgements come let them stay So you can acknowledge their presence any time of night or day For in that moment when awareness comes Choose which way, your consciousness will sway Let heaven come to your door and guide those judgements away For a judgement of another, is only a judgement of yourself, Disguised […]

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  • Symbols & Meanings

    Posted on February 10, 2017 by in A Soul's Musings

    These are some words I have been given about explaining the Heart Souls Heart Symbols but applies really to all symbols that are re-appearing with us now. Symbols and Meanings The symbols are words within words as you would know them. Or even worlds within worlds, across time and space, so yes the symbol is […]

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  • Heart Awakening

    Posted on February 2, 2017 by in A Soul's Musings

    As your heart awakens Your senses expand to fill the void That was never known before your heart had grown Your eyes seeing the stillness, the movement The dance of life Your nose filled with colours and aromas and Tastes of the day and night The touch of the lily and the mighty oak A […]

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