• Space & Energy Clearing Transformation (Full day)


    The Space Clearing and Energy Transformation is a fun filled, hands on transformative experience.  It is an energetic and physical creation, of a new look and feel to your home.  Working with the principles of Feng Shui and energy clearing will result in your old tired house being changed into a home you love and want to live in.  By clearing areas of stuck and old energy will allow the energy in all areas of your life such as money, relationships and  health to be more abundant.   



    Do you have areas or rooms in your house that you just feel are clogged?

    Do you find that certain rooms just become the junk room and you can’t explain why?

    Are there areas of your house or garden that you just don’t like being in?

    Where we live is so important we typically spend a lot of time there, probably more than anywhere else, (other than a place of work perhaps).  So when our house does not completely feel like our home anymore, or perhaps some areas of our house have never felt right, it can be very uncomfortable.   In Feng Shui it relates our home as being an extension of ourselves and this feels very right.

    The Space and Energy Clearing Transformation starts with a pre visit questionnaire for you to complete to detail what you want to achieve with the Transformation.  Many people have found this really helps clarify what areas of their home they want to re energise and transform and helps with the whole process of transforming the energy in the home. The visit starts with a guided tour of specific rooms or your entire house (and/or garden), depending on time and what is important to you, so you can show areas that you wish to change and transform.  It may be that you are unsure of what you want to change and this will be intuitively picked up during the tour.

    The stuck energy areas will be shown to you and working on Feng Shui principles you will be given advice to improve the energy flow to the area/room.  Most importantly though, the spaces will be cleared using a combination of energy work, music and sounds and smudging techniques. Suggestions will be given to you, as to how ornaments, pictures and furniture can be moved to bring a better flow and harmony to your home – It actually works best when we can move the furniture and others items during the visit, as this will change the whole energy flow and look and feel of your home and your connection to it.

    You will be given ideas, suggestions and daily “tips” to help keep the energy flowing and to continue with after the visit.


    Here’s a Testimonial from Beverley Densham  – Author, Angel Therapy (R) Practitioner & Medium based in Poole, Dorset

    “Gosh had an amazing space & house clearing with Sonia yesterday. It’s transformed my home & especially the lounge & prosperity area, feels so relaxing, homely now, with daily tips to keep the space in its new tip top condition.  I absolutely love 💗 the symbols she created for me to bring more wealth abundance & love to my life & work that she did. Our home feels & looks amazing now & excited to be using the symbol with the space clearing homework Sonia gave me …Thank you – an incredible day & highly recommended.”